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Field of Interest

Metabolite profiling, plant tissue culture methods and Agrobacterium mediated gene transformation for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production.Genome analysis and Transgenic approaches for abiotic stress tolerance engineering.


Ph. D: Department of Biotechnology Bharathidasan University, Trichy 2001
Post Graduation : M.Sc Plant Science (Integrated five year course) School of Life Sciences Bharathidasan University, Trichy

Awards and Honors

INSA - KOSEF Visiting Fellowship, Kyung Hee University, South Korea (2011-2012)
Senior Research Fellowship awarded by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Pusa, New Delhi, India. (1997-2000).

Projects ongoing

  • Plant cell culture strategies for the enhanced production of Sennoside from Tinneyvelly senna (Senna alexendrina Mill.) and assessing its Pharmacological activity: DST- SERB (2019-2021)- Rs 39.02 Lakhs

  • Projects completed

  • Production and Supply of Rosmarinic acid (antioxidant) from Ocimum sanctum Linn.(Tulsi) through tissue culture: DRDO-Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (2005-2007)- Rs 7.64 Lakhs

  • Production of Cold Tolerant Transgenic tomato using LTI6/RCI2A gene from Arabidopsis thaliana L. Funding Agency: DRDO-FRL, Ministry of Defence, Government of India Amount: Rs.9.88 Lakhs

  • Production of a - tocopherol using methyl transferase gene from Arabidopsis thaliana L. in Lycopersicon esculuntum L. through Agrobacterium mediated transformation. Funding Agency: DRDO-Bharathiar University Centre Amount: Rs 35 Lakhs.

  • Comparative metabolic profiling of Plumbago indica L. and its in vitro culture for commercial utilization Funding Agency: University Grant Commission Amount: Rs 9.26 Lakhs
  • Extraction of Flavonoids and Quantification of Quercetin from waste Radish (Raphanus sativus (L.) Funding Agency: TNSCST: Rs. 10000
  • Supervision / Guiding of Research Work

    Number of Ph.D completed: 11
    Number of M.Phil completed:11
    Number of Ph.D at present: 7
    Number of M.Phil at present: 1

    List of Publications

    1.Balasubramanian M,. Anbumegala M., Surendran R., Arun M., Girija S. (2018) Elite hairy roots of Raphanus sativus (L.) as a source of antioxidants and flavonoids. 3 biotech, V: 17(33). (SCI) IF: 1.497.
    2.Bhuvaneshwari K., Gokulanathan A., Jayanthi M., Govindasamy V., Milella L., Lee S., Yang D.C., Girija S. (2015). Can Ocimum basilicum L. And Ocimum tenuiflorum L. in vitro culture be a potential source of secondary metabolites? Food Chemistry. 194:55-60. Impact factor: 3.391
    3.Sivankalyani V, Geetha M, Subramanyam K and Girija S. (2014) Ectopic expression of Arabidopsis RCI2A gene contributes to cold tolerance in tomato. Transgenic Research. DOI 10.1007/s11248-014-9840-x. Impact Factor:2.28.
    4.Sivankalyani V, Takumi S, Thangasamy S, Ashakiran K, Girija S. (2014) Punctured-Hypocotyl Method for High-efficient Transformation and adventitious shoot regeneration of Tomato. Scientia Horticulturae 357-364 Impact factor: 1.396.
    5.Balachandran YL, Girija S, Selvakumar R, Tongpim S, Gutleb AC, Suriyanarayanan (2013) Differently Environment Stable Bio-Silver Nanoparticles: Study on Their Optical Enhancing and Antibacterial Properties. PLoS ONE 8(10): e77043. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0077043. Impact factor: 3.73.
    6.Georgantzopoulou A, Balachandran YL, Rosenkranz P, Dusinska M, Lankoff A, Wojewodzka M, Kruszewski M, Guignard C, Audinot JN, Girija S, Hoffmann L and Gutleb A. 2012. Ag nanoparticles: size and surface dependent effects on model aquatic organisms and uptake evaluation with NanoSIMS. Nanotoxicology. doi:10.3109/17435390.2012.715312 Impact factor: 7.844.

    Book Chapters

    1.Author of the study material on Genetic Engineering prepared for School of Distance Education, Bharathiar University. 2007.
    2.Girija S (2011). Herbal plants in biological nanoparticles synthesis, Herbal Perspectives: Present and Future, Editors: Dr.T.Parimelazhagan, Dr. S. Manian, Dr. M. Pugalenthi, Satish Serial Publishing House.

    Gene Sequence Deposition In NCBI

    1.Title: Ocimum species - ISSR marker. Govindasamy V, Bhuvaneshwari T, Gokulanathan A and Girija S. 2012. Dept of Biotechnology, Bharathiar University, Marudamalai Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641046, India. Acession No. JQ904777 toJQ904783

    2.Title: NCED1 cDNA gene from Solanum lycopersicum- Sanger sequencing. Surendran R. and Girija S. 2019. Dept. of Biotechnology, Bharathiar University, Marudamalai Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641046, India. Acession No. MK355394.

    3.Title: The 5' upstream region of Rd29A Gene promoter from Arabidopsis thaliana - Sanger sequencing. Surendran R. and Girija S. 2019. Dept. of Biotechnology, Bharathiar University, Marudamalai Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641046, India. Acession No. MK355395.

    Countries Visited

    1.South Korea,Kyung Hee University
    2.Thailand,Prinec of Songkla University

    Members in Academic Bodies

    Academic Council member

    1. University Nominee for Hindustan College
    2. University Nominee for Angappa College of Arts and Science
    3. University Nominee for KS College

    Selection Committee member

    1. Bharathiar University as a Women Nominee
    2. University Nominee for Erode Arts and Science and College
    3.University Nominee for Emerald College, Ooty

    Result Passing Board

    1.University Nominee for Erode College of Arts and Science
    2.University Nominee for RVS College
    3.University Nominee for Rathinam College of Arts and Science

    Board of studies

    1.University Nominee for Biotechnology Department, NGP college of Arts and Science
    2.Member, Institutional Biosafety Committee, Bharathiar University

    University Administration committee

    1.Member-Anti-Ragging Committee, Bharathiar University
    2.Member-Special cell for SC/ST Cell, Bharathiar University
    3. Member, DST, PURSE Grant implementing group
    4.NIRF Peer Rating Committee
    5. Convocation committee, Bharathiar University
    6.University Nominee for Biotechnology Course approval/Guideship.
    7.Instrument Expert Committee Member for Tamil Agricultural University

    Question Paper Setter for Common entrance for MSc Biotechnology admission

    1.Mother Teresa Womens University.
    2.Cochin University of Science and Technology.

    Question Paper Setter

    1.Bharathiar University
    2. Bharathidasan University
    3.Periyar University
    4. Madras University
    5. Avinashilingam University for Women
    6. Karunya University
    7. Tamil nadu Agricultural University

    Course Co-Ordinator

    1. M.Sc., Biotechnology
    2. M.Sc., Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.